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Hardbound and Heavy

Hardbound thesis

The hardbound version of my Ph.D thesis in all its 100,000+ words of glory.

It’s done; it’s finished; it’s been handed in for the very last time.  I’m simultaneously proud of it and pleased to see the back of it.  There will be no more re-writes, no more extra bits and no more final, final, final, really-the-last-one editing sessions.  Well, at least, not until the next big project comes along… (and I’ve got a few of those on the drawing board already).

But for now, this is it – job done.  All I’m waiting for now is the official letter from the University of Liverpool in a few weeks time.  As to-do list ‘ticks’ go, this is a pretty big one.


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Ph.D. Stack Overflow (in a good way)

Staggering under the stack

Four copies of ten years’ work add up to a lot of paper and board.  This is how I reckon I’ll look when I stagger into the Graduate School with the final product next week…

Well, it’s very nearly official…. (my soon-to-be doctorate, that is).

Today I took four copies of the final, final, final version of my Ph.D. thesis to the bookbinder.  Three copies will disappear into various university libraries, via a final approval committee at the University of Liverpool some time in November.  The fourth will live on my bookshelf.

Nearly there…!

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