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Life in the cutting room

Yesterday, all my tribbles seemed so far away

One day, not too far in the future, I will have finished editing. Then I can tidy up…

Can it really be nearly six months since I last updated this blog?  Seems incredible to me, but that’s what the time-stamp on the previous posting tells me, so I guess it must be true.

I’m now deep in the editing phase of thesis writing, having finished my first complete draft of the whole thing in a burst of frenzied activity over Christmas.  In the process I have discovered the joys of Scrivener, which has to be the best thing in large document construction tools since the scroll.  It’s much less contrary and confusing than Word; you can get on with the job of reorganising and rewording text without getting distracted by the two million other options that Word keeps tempting you to try out with the format – and also without having to endure repeated hissy fits from Word in which it decides that a big document with lots of images is just too much for it to handle, and crashes, usually mangling the file out of sheer spite in the process.  Word and Scrivener together are a good team.  Scrivener concentrates on the big picture, leaving Word to faff about with the formatting and the references and all the other things that Word enjoys getting itself in such a state over.

Wish me luck with the editing!

Parker Quink ink bottle, by Mike Burger (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

At least I don’t get covered in ink these days…


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