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Zombies for fitness and fun…

I’m currently less than two months away from finishing the final draft of my Ph.D thesis, which has very little at all to do with zombies.  The perfect time, therefore, for doing a little light research on something which has almost nothing to do with my Ph.D – i.e. zombies.  Not that I’ve needed do much in the way of active research; Halloween has just been and gone and the zombie meme has been working overtime, with undead representatives of every stripe crawling out of the woodwork all over the place.

For instance, the Plants vs. Zombies advice zombie recently joined forces with the American Dental Association to remind children to brush their teeth in a ‘Stop Zombie Mouth‘ campaign.  I love PvZ, but frankly, if I was being chased by a gang of brain-chomping ghouls I suspect that the presence or absence of spinach strands between my molars would be the last thing I’d be worrying about.  Maybe I’m just odd that way – and I guess I’m not really their target demographic for this campaign either.  For now I’ll stick to slinging Melonpults at Dr. Zomboss via my iPad.

Meanwhile, in another bid to help those of us who aren’t undead yet to keep our bods in tip-top condition, the people at the sports tracking website Tribesports have helpfully set up a series of ‘Zombie Preparedness Challenges‘.  After all, the First Rule of Zombieland is Cardio!  You know, I can’t help getting a bit concerned about all these zombies being so concerned for our health.  I think it’s just so our brains taste nice and fresh and well-oxygenated when they do finally catch up with us.

On that basis, it’s good to see that online monitoring service IfTTT (If This Then That) now provide a ready-made ‘recipe’ for keeping tabs on any Zombie warnings that might come out of the Centers for Disease Control in the USA.  That’s what I call useful technology – until they come up with a one-click recipe for Ph.D final drafts, at least!


Zombies, Run! logo

Zombies, Run!

*** Update: 7th November 2012 ~ Those zombies are really determined to get us all fit.  They’re even writing mobile phone apps to help now.  I need all the help I can get when it comes to rapid self-propelled locomotion, so I think I may have to give this a go… (Thanks to Matt in the IC for the tip-off!)


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