Mathematicians Save the World (and Spread the Zombie Meme Still Further)   1 comment

Welcome to my office...........As anyone who’s ever visited my office will tell you (possibly with a slight shudder) I’m quite keen on zombies – or at least their cuddlier pop culture representatives, like the ones who tend to come off worse in Plants vs. Zombies.  One of the things which fascinates me about zombies is the way they pop up in some fairly unexpected places – like Pride and Prejudice, for instance.  But as a lapsed physicist who probably read a bit too much Douglas Adams at a formative age, I think this chapter from the snappily-titled ‘Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress’ is my favourite zombie sighting of all.  It has just the right combination of heavy maths, carefully researched B-movies, and a hint of something more ‘important’ not being done instead…  But really, what could possibly be more important than saving civilisation as we know it from a plague of the ravenous undead?   This is what I call useful maths!  (You can download the full text here.)

When Zombies Attack...


Posted June 23, 2012 by HVS in Mathematics, Memes, Zombies

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One response to “Mathematicians Save the World (and Spread the Zombie Meme Still Further)

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  1. Just thought you would like this…..It goes with the tribble pic at the top of the page. Please give it a listen:

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